Business and Entrepeneurial Services

We’re in the business of moving your business forward. From start-ups to established firms, we’ll help you shrink liabilities, protect your assets and gain the competitive edge to succeed. We get to know our clients – structure, finances, market, resources, philosophy – whatever’s necessary to provide intelligent, comprehensive counsel. Having a knowledgeable adviser one phone call or email away can mean the difference between a coup and a missed opportunity.

Whether you’re just starting or contemplating a fundamental transaction, it’s never the wrong time to have a second look at your organization. Let us review your foundational documents, contracts and policies to make sure you’re not perpetuating potentially costly mistakes.

Representative services: Formation (Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, Non-Profits), Structuring (Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreements, Issuances, Resolutions), Intellectual Property Protection (Trademark Searches and Registrations, Infringement Monitoring and Litigation, Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Trade Secret Preservation and Litigation), Hiring (Employment and Non-Competition Agreements,  Independent Contractor Engagements, Employer Policies, Risk Mitigation), Filings, Licenses, Collections/Receivables, Regulatory Compliance, Buy-Sell Agreements, Financing (Bank, Angel, Venture Capital), Mergers and Acquisitions

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